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Are you ready to feel better in your life?

Welcome to Panacea Energetics 
with Karine Calhoun, CFMW

Release self-defeating patterns and have more of the real YOU!

Clear unconscious blocks that are holding you back from your full potential with:

Rustic Beach Path


dandelion seeds blowing

Access Consciousness® Bars® & Healing Tools

Star Cluster

Quantum Touch®

Sound Healing

Girl Standing in Mountain Highway

Heart Centered Therapy®

begin your healing journey today.

Announcing Our new location!

Panacea Energetics has moved! Karine has joined Crissy of Centered Massage at a new office location. We are now in the Paramount Center in Springfield, the new address is 2144-A Main Street, Springfield. Our office is called Oasis Renewal, which will be indicated soon on the new signs outside of the space. Our individual signs will be visible through the window. The move is complete, so please come to the new office for your sessions. 

New: Karine has also recently been certified in Sound Healing techniques. Please inquire about sound bath sessions or adding sound healing to your hypnosis or energy healing sessions.

Client Testimony:

“Karine is very skilled in the energy work that she does. I had shoulder pain and through her energy work, I could feel the pain moments it was completely gone. She is very skilled at what she does and highly intuitive. I most definitely recommend her. Thank you Karine for all that you have done for me and others!”


Areas where clients have reported improvement and transformation:

  • Old injuries/ physical pain

  • Damage from disease

  • Neurological and autoimmune conditions

  • Grief/ anxiety/ emotional overwhelm /stress

  • Inherited energetic blocks and emotional patterns

  • Sleep pattern imbalances

  • Release of subconscious fears/ limiting beliefs

  • Blocked energy/ fatigue

  • Overcoming addiction

  • Weight loss

  • Looking younger/ re-youthing

  • Relationship healing: creating compassion and forgiveness /release of unhealthy attachments

  • Self forgiveness and love

  • Unblock access to intuitive capacities and energetic perception

  • Managing Empathic overwhelm

  • Developing communication with spirit guides

  • Becoming more grounded and calm

  • Overcoming creative blocks

  • Publish their novel

  • Create more ease in daily life

  • Uncover hidden capacities

  • Being a step ahead of external crisis

  • Create breakthroughs in finances

  • Help clients' pets

  • Become powerful healers themselves!


Contact me to begin your healing journey.

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