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Access® Bars Classes

The Access Bars® Class is a full day of learning how to run the Bars to become a Bars Practitioner. The student receives instruction on the points to hold, clearings that promote ease with learning, two head charts, an instruction manual, and a Certificate. During the class, the student receives two Bars sessions, and gifts two Bars sessions. How much fun can we have?

After one class, you are an official Bars Practitioner, and will be welcomed into the community of Bars Practitioners and Facilitators. Anyone who has taken a Bars class can participate in trades with Bars practitioners worldwide. Taking a Bars class truly expands your network, creating connections with remarkable people. By being Bars certified, you can create your own Bars business by offering this service. Bars is a wonderful addition to other healing modalities: massage, chiropractic, reiki, and more. Bars classes cover continuing education requirements for massage therapists. Many people simply share the Bars with their families, promoting a happy, healthy home environment. 

The Bars Class is a prerequisite for all of the advanced classes with Access Consciousness®. To become a facilitator, the student requires three Bars classes with three different facilitators. The half price class is honored here for returning students.

What else is possible now? Classes can be created on request, or you can keep an eye on the events tab on this website. I always post my classes on the events page. 

Tuition: $440 for first time participants, $220 for returning Bars practitioners, 50% off for teens 16-18, Free for children 15 and under. Children receive their own child-friendly manual and must be accompanied by a paying adult.

The next Bars Class is scheduled for May 22, 2022. Join us!

How Much Are You Willing to Receive?

Clear the limiting beliefs around money and abundance, and see how much receiving can change your capacities with finances! This class offers tools for everyone. 

Tuition: $50, includes the book Money isn't the Problem, You Are by Gary Douglas and a work-booklet we complete together in the class. Offers a combination of clearings provided in the book and personalized intuitively guided facilitation by Karine. Each class is unique!


Create! More Time, More Money, More Joy!

A curriculum created by Simone Milasas, the author of The Joy of Business. This class teaches tools and offers clearings around the limiting points view that can apply to business. Do you own a business? Simone says: "even if you don't own a business, but you have blood running in your veins, you are in business! The business of living." Come learn to listen to what your business is telling you, and have fun rekindling the romance with your creations. 

Tuition: $50, includes the book by Simone Milasas and a work-booklet. Offers a combination of steps and clearings from the materials and with personalized intuitive facilitation by Karine. 


Contact me to schedule your private class!

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