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Access Consciousness®

Access Consciousness® is body of work that invites you to explore and release limiting points of view about life; helping you discover what is your inner truth. It allows you to change anything you think you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. Karine provides many tools and healing options offered through Access Consciousness. She is a Certified Facilitator of Access Bars and Access Facelift, meaning she provides certificates to people who attend her classes. Whether you are seeking a Bars or Facelift class, or are desiring to receive a specialty session, Karine can meet your needs.

What gift are you to everything and everyone that you have never even considered? Would you like to find out? Come play!

Access Consciousness The Bars®

“The Bars” are thirty two  points on the head, which when gently touched by a Bars Practitioner, release trapped energy. It is compared to de-fragging the hard drive on your computer: unloading the outdated and unnecessary files that gum up the works. Having your Bars run is extremely relaxing, and often you start to receive awareness that you never have before! It can also help release trauma and points of view that create limitation. “Empowering people to know what they know” is the mission statement. You can have your bars run to address specific complaints, or you can have them run to nourish yourself and your wellbeing. Like a massage for the nervous system, and absolutely indispensable for empath's energetic hygiene, Bars is a wonderful addition to regular self care regimens. 


Ready for a relaxing and fun experience? Get ready to receive!

Access Facelift

Who wants to look and feel younger without surgery? The Access Energetic Facelift came about when people reported looking younger after receiving these body processes and clearing statements over a period of time. Reports of noticeable change occur when clients adhere to a committed plan to receive 20 Facelift Sessions. What if aging is accelerated by the judgements and points of view we heap on our bodies? What if we can change that? How much change is possible? Schedule one session to feel relaxed and pampered, or schedule twenty sessions to totally change your face and your body. What else is possible now?

Access® Symphony Energy Sessions

Access® Symphony Energy sessions are an exquisitely attuned level of energetic fluency used for exploring and releasing the subtle energy in the client's body and energy field. The idea that molecules are changed when observed is at the heart of the effectiveness of Symphony Energy work. I, as the observer, approach the energies with wonder and become an invitation for them to change. 


It was while taking the Facelift class that I discovered for myself that there are shapes in people's energy fields, but it wasn't until I attended the Symphony of Possibilities class that I was given the key that would unlock the molecules and allow them to change dynamically. Clients have reported a difference in my energy field work before and after the SOP class. One even lost weight on the table while the session was happening! You never know what amazing possibilities Symphony sessions will create for you and the less you try to define it, the more miraculous the results can be. 

Zen Stones

Access® Abuse Hold

The Abuse Hold is a body process that dissolves away the energetics of physical, emotional, and inherited abuse implants. As explained by Gary Douglas, the molecules actually change their pattern of movement in the body when abuse happens, which is why it can be so difficult to heal emotionally, and why the body can become infirm later on in life. The Abuse Hold energies free the molecules to return to a healthy state.


To receive the Abuse Hold requires a commitment to a process. There is a package specifically designed to prepare the client energetically and support them in becoming able to receive the subtle yet potent energies of the Abuse Hold. A prerequisite is listening to the Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse Recording thirty times. Did I say "commitment"? Having your Bars run frequently during this time is crucial, to help process the energy that is cleared while listening to the recording. The Abuse Clearing package includes several Bars sessions with the recording playing, which is extremely powerful. Please refer to the premium packages section in the menu to book your Abuse Clearing package.


Access® Body Processes

Access® Body Processes harness healing energy similar to Quantum Touch, however the individual processes are highly concentrated and differentiated. Each process has it's own identifying energy signature. There are over fifty different processes. Many of these are used in the Access® Facelift. 

In a healing session, the practitioner offers the client's body the energies, and the body chooses which ones it requires to create change. There are processes for removing unwanted tissues (tumors for example), there are processes for reducing inflammation, or rebuilding healthy cells and tissues. I experienced  the direct effect of these processes when I tore a muscle in my calf, and ran Access® Body processes on the torn fibers. My massage therapist had helped untie the knotted muscle fibers that were bunched up at the top, then I followed up with the energy work. I was able to avoid surgery! Using Access® Body processes on myself has shortened healing times for illnesses, injuries and workout recovery. Animals respond well to receiving body processes, too!

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