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Holding Hands

Quantum Touch®

Similar to Reiki energy, Quantum Touch is the energy channeling modality developed and marketed by Richard Gordon. Mr. Gordon is the author of Quantum Touch, The Power to Heal and many other books on the subject. Quantum Touch works by creating an access to the universal source of healing that is available to us. It is a very powerful modality, and is a "yang" energy as opposed to the "yin" of Reiki. Karine uses it in most sessions. QT can be used to adjust bones, time travel, and more! It can stand alone of be used in conjunction with the dialoging tool, Heart Centered Therapy. Used in distance sessions, this energy channel creates a safe and powerful space to connect to clients all over the world. "All time is now, all space is here" is a truth when working with QT, and this dynamic allows us to move beyond linear time and space.


Quantum Touch energy feels very good in the body. Some people report feeling like they are floating or tingling during the session. The energy helps us discover the places where emotions are trapped in the body and create a clearing. For more information, see, or check out the book Quantum Touch, the Power to Heal, ...or just come have a session and discover what this powerful healing energy can do for you!

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