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Pink Sea

Heart Centered Therapy®

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a profound healing modality that uses dialoging techniques guided by the wisdom of the heart. HCT was one of the first modalities in which Karine was certified to practice. The years have proved it to be a dynamic and powerful healing tool, that only gets better with time. Many clients have experienced massive, permanent shifts after a session. HCT holds us in safety, love and compassion, as the heart naturally knows how to dissolve beliefs that have kept people stuck with problems they cannot change. We access the divine through the heart, which creates a space for the miraculous.

Some common complaints addressed with Heart Centered Therapy techniques:

  • chronic physical pain

  • trapped emotions in the body

  • subconscious limiting beliefs

  • unworthiness

  • childhood trauma/ healing the inner child

  • past life issues

  • ancestral inherited beliefs

  • loss and grief

  • reconnecting with personal deity/guides/Christ

Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon

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